Meet Aimee

Hey there good lookin! I’m Aimee of The Nourished Breath. I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, registered yoga teacher and a health + wellness blogger who loves sushi, sarcasm, tacos, getting my OM on, exploring the great outdoors, and a bomb cup of coffee. I also happen to have cystic fibrosis. CF is not who I am, and it does not define me, but it does play a big role in my journey.

As a kid I ate fairly well and remember eating a lot of homemade meals. Back then, the issue was that I usually wasn’t eating enough, if you know me now, that’s probably hard to imagine. Individuals with CF can have a difficult time gaining and/or maintaining weight, and I was one of those individuals. In the fourth grade I had a feeding tube placed and that sucker stuck around for nearly ten years. Every night I was hooked up and fed formula through that tube throughout the night. It wasn’t my favorite thing, but without it, I wouldn’t have the good health I do now, that’s for sure. For someone with CF weight and lung function typically go hand in hand. When one suffers, the other is not far behind.

As a teenager in high school, you know, when I had more a bit more freedom to eat what I want, I lived on fast food and my lunch usually came from a vending machine. I cringe thinking about those days. So does my pancreas.Yikes! With what I know now, it’s not surprising that at around that same time I started in a downward spiral of severe depression, high anxiety, self harm, and substance abuse. It’s also no surprise that my physical health started following that same downward spiral. My lung function dropped significantly, and after a few years of stable weight, I once again began to struggle to keep weight on.

Thankfully, I had parents who cared, who love me, and who were concerned. After two short inpatient stays followed by an Intensive Outpatient Program I began my journey towards healing; physically, mentally, spiritually + emotionally.

It’s taken a lot of years. A lot of patience. A lot of forgiveness. A lot of trial + error. A lot of learning + growing. A lot of self discovery. There have been a lot of ups, but also a lot of downs. I can genuinely say, I am so grateful for every single moment, negative or positive, because it has all led me to this moment. And this moment is pretty fantastic.

Part of my healing journey has been nutrition. Nutrition was the REAL starting point of my journey to better health. Over the years I have tried many different ‘diets’ (not weight loss diets, but rather a style of eating if you will) before finally realizing that there isn’t one way of eating that’s suitable for everyone. My own food journey and personal interest in nutrition led to me becoming a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Becoming an NTP has been a total game changer. My journey in nutrition has been long, but I wouldn’t change it for a second. I was able to lessen my CF related digestive distress and improve my energy by simply ‘cleaning up’ my diet, but with my knowledge as an NTP, I have been able to reach levels of healing that I once never thought possible. It’s been incredible and life changing!

Yoga has also been a significantly important component to my healing. I first tried yoga after someone recommended it me during my time in IOP. In the beginning my yoga practice was very off and on, as in, mostly off. But I always found my way back to it. I started with random yoga DVDs in my own home and then just started flowing freestyle. You know, doing what came natural and just felt right. It was around seven years before I even went to a class in a studio! But I am so glad I did. Just last year I took a giant leap to follow my dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher and I’ve never looked back. Yoga has allowed me to slow my racing thoughts, calm my anxiety, learn to really be in the moment, get to know my body and all that I am capable of, truly love myself, and so much more.

I am excited and so grateful to have this space to share recipes, health + wellness tips, the lessons I’ve learned through my own journey, and so much more.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to help empower YOU to take charge of your own health and improve the quality of your life